A further field of specialization of Nova Analysis is the one of explicit codes, capable of simulating fast dynamic phenomena, like crash tests, drop tests, airbag deployment, explosion and metalforming, where there is the need to see large deformations in milliseconds.

The following types of analysis belong to this category:


  • Car, train, truck and plane crash tests: EU, USA and JP standards
  • Virtual prototyping of seats and other components, pedestrian tests, car to car, accident reconstruction
  • Catastrophic landings, ditchings, bird strikings, train collisions, airbag deployments and occupant protection
  • Drop tests: consumer electronics and controlled bounces
  • Explosions, fragmentations, military applications, perforations
  • Metalforming, stamping, forging, metalcutting, extrusions
  • Fluid-structure interactions (FSI)

Moreover, we can characterize materials and furnish numerical - experimental correlations.